Encompass Capital Advisors LLC (“Encompass”) is a registered investment advisor that focuses primarily on investing in energy related equities. Encompass utilizes bottom-up, fundamental research across a variety of global energy sub-sectors which include Energy (e.g., E&P, oil field services, refiners), Energy Related Cyclicals (e.g. railroads, materials), Energy Related Industrials (e.g. capital equipment, engineering and construction, petrochemicals), Alternative and Renewable Energy (e.g. solar, wind, low carbon alternatives). We emphasize alpha creation through security selection and believe our approach is anchored in a sustainable idea generation process with three differentiating features:
  • An experienced, highly focused investment team with diverse experience in the energy space
  • Rigorous modeling of company operations, hydrocarbon production, earnings and catalysts in our investment universe
  • Established history of using data analytics to extract and model large quantities of public data
  • Disciplined portfolio construction and methodical risk management
Aligning our interests with investors underpins our goal of building an enduring and preeminent investment organization.  Encompass is headquartered in New York City.

New York

200 Park Avenue, 11th Floor New York, NY 10166 646-351-8450 info@encompasscap.com Get directions